Hi folks,  Thanks for making the Pathways CD Release Party last Saturday AWESOME!   Great vibes from all 120 of you who attended the Zoom party.    Thanks for your support!  Love,  Dave

Pathways Virtual CD Release Party - Details 

Here's the Zoom Meeting ID for the virtual “Pathways” CD Release Party to be held this coming Saturday, June 6, at 5:00 Eastern Daylight Time.  We have also included some technical tips that you should read before Saturday if possible.  Get your beverages lined up and join us for a great time!   

You can join the meeting directly with this link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 814 7356 1190  (You shouldn’t need this if you use the direct link above. )

Some important technical tips:  

Zoom Software Update:  Zoom recently released a required update, so you need to install Version 5.0 or higher of the Windows or Mac client application to join the meeting.  iOS and Android tablets also need to update to Version 5 or higher.  Please try to update in advance if you haven’t used your Zoom application in a while.   

Audio Recommendations:  In order to hear the music fully, we recommend that you set up the audio for the party using external speakers or headphones.   Bluetooth speakers (if you have one) can be a convenient way to get better sound out of a Bluetooth equipped laptop or tablet.  Headphones or ear-buds can also provide much better sound than the internal speakers in most laptops and tablets. 


Virtual Release Party for the Pathways CD will be held on June 6! 

We are holding a Virtual CD Release Party to celebrate the new CD “Pathways” by Dave Anderson & Mike Wingo, which is released on June 1, 2020. 

 When is the Party?  

Saturday, June 6 at 5:00 PM EDT (Happy Hour on the East Coast!). Bring your beverage!  The party will last about 40 minutes. 

Where’s the Party? 

Zoom, where else?  (The Meeting ID will be sent out and also published on this page a few days before the event.)  

(If possible, we’d recommend that you use a computer or tablet connected to headphones or external speakers to fully hear the music.)     

 What’s happening at the Party? 

  • Greetings and info from Dave & Mike (who is now social distancing in New Mexico!)  
  • Dave will perform solo piano live over Zoom – 2 songs from the CD 
  • Videos of several recorded duo tracks from the CD with beautiful visual art by Shari MacFarlane will be played.   A perfect backdrop for happy hour!  

Dave Anderson's new CD "Pathways" is now Available! 

Dave's new CD "Pathways", featuring his long-time partnership with percussionist Mike Wingo, is now available.  This CD includes 12 new original compositions, as well as an updated arrangement of Miles Davis's classic "Milestones".   Keep tabs on this space for more information. 

"Conversations" Reaches #16 on National Jazz Radio List 

Dave Anderson & Mike Wingo's recent CD release, "Conversations", reached #16 last week on CMJ's Top 40 List of Jazz CD's played by Jazz Radio Stations across the country.   CMJ measures airplay from a sample of the top 200 Jazz Radio Stations  and compiles a weekly list of those CD's with the most airplay.   The CMJ Jazz List measures both penetration (% of stations playing) and volume (amount of airplay per station.)