Pathways Virtual CD Release Party - Details

Here's the Zoom Meeting ID for the virtual “Pathways” CD Release Party to be held this coming Saturday, June 6, at 5:00 Eastern Daylight Time.  We have also included some technical tips that you should read before Saturday if possible.  Get your beverages lined up and join us for a great time!   

You can join the meeting directly with this link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 814 7356 1190  (You shouldn’t need this if you use the direct link above. )

Some important technical tips:  

Zoom Software Update:  Zoom recently released a required update, so you need to install Version 5.0 or higher of the Windows or Mac client application to join the meeting.  iOS and Android tablets also need to update to Version 5 or higher.  Please try to update in advance if you haven’t used your Zoom application in a while.   

Audio Recommendations:  In order to hear the music fully, we recommend that you set up the audio for the party using external speakers or headphones.   Bluetooth speakers (if you have one) can be a convenient way to get better sound out of a Bluetooth equipped laptop or tablet.  Headphones or ear-buds can also provide much better sound than the internal speakers in most laptops and tablets.